Building Bristol as a City of Hope


On 5 May, over 200 leaders from different sectors across Bristol came together at City Hall to focus on some of the social challenges that Bristol faces. This event, organised by Christian Action Bristol and Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, was a unique opportunity to hear about some of the great work being done across the city and to discuss how people could work together to better tackle some of the big issues our city faces, such a homelessness, food poverty and mental health.

The speakers included Alex Kittow (CEO of Southmead Development Trust), Councillor Helen Godwin (Cabinet Member for Women, Children and Young People) and Paul Smith (Cabinet Member for Housing), who shared encouraging stories and particular needs and challenges in their area of work. There was also a panel discussion and table top questions, which brought out some key themes and suggested action points for moving forward. These themes were: connection, access to information, action and diversity.

This event saw the coming together of many key people across the city, encouraging conversations about how they could work together to Build Bristol as a City of Hope.

“We hope this is just the start of something much bigger. We all have a real responsibility to combine our diverse energies, skills and talents to do something really special in Bristol.” 

Marvin Rees and Andy Street (Chair at Christian Action Bristol)

To find out more, please see our full report - here.


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