• I agree to participate in voluntary assistance for Hope Bristol (in partnership with Bristol Noise), which will take place on and during 4th – 7th April 2018 in Bristol and all locations in connection with the event as initiated by The Noise organisers.
  • I understand that Hope Bristol organisers will do their utmost to ensure the safety and security of all volunteers, delegates and staff members at all times during the event. I agree to comply with any reasonable request given by Hope Bristol organisers regarding Health & Safety over the weekend.
  • I understand that all activities carried out during this event are carried out at my own risk and accept all responsibility. I agree not to bring any claim against the organisers of Hope Bristol (in partnership with Bristol Noise), or churches involved in this event.
  • I understand that it may be necessary to arrange transport in individual project members’ cars, as well as Hope Bristol authorised vehicles. Child Protection policies will be adhered to in these situations.
  • I give my consent to be filmed and/or photographed and I authorise Hope Bristol (in partnership with Bristol Noise) organisers and Soul Survivor to use such film/photographs in promotional materials and other information which we produce. You can opt out of this by speaking to the photographer or asking us to remove your image by contacting Hope Bristol or Soul Survivor media teams during the event or after it. Hope Bristol operates a child protection policy.
  • I agree to my details being kept on a database for purposes of Hope Bristol 2018.
  • I agree, if considered needed and appropriate for project, to co-operate in obtaining a DBS check. I confirm that the submitted information under ‘child protection information’ is correct and complete.

For parents/legal guardians of under 18’s

  • I understand that although all projects have been assessed, Hope Bristol cannot guarantee that all projects are ‘child-safe’. Therefore, I am fully responsible for the safety, wellbeing, behaviour and actions of the child or children who are part of my Hope Bristol Family Team, and for assessing which parts of each project are safe and appropriate for each of the children in my care depending on their ages and abilities.
  • I give permission for my child to participate in Community Project work, including gardening, painting, and all other work which is assessed by Hope Bristol/Noise project leaders. 
  • I authorise ‘Hope Bristol’ first aiders to administer emergency care/treatment, as required, to those children in my care, until medical assistance is available.
  • I give consent for the named minor to be filmed and/or photographed and authorise use of such photos/videos to be used as stated above.
  • I, the named Parent/legal guardian, consent to the named minor participating in Hope Bristol and agree to the terms laid out in this document on their behalf.


Please read the above terms. If you have registered online to be a volunteer, then by ticking the ‘terms and conditions’ box, you have agreed to this declaration. If you have registered on a paper application form, then by signing the volunteer signature box, you have agreed to this declaration.